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Our event calendar request process has been modified.

To submit an event for listing in the City of Livermore website Event Calendar please:

  • Read the policy guidelines below to determine if your event meets the listed criteria.
  • If criteria are met, complete the mandatory Event Contact Information, and press continue. You may be contacted by the Event Calendar Administrator regarding your request

Policy Guidelines

The City of Livermore provides a listing of events in Livermore as a service to its customers. This list is not an exhaustive list of all events in Livermore. The City may list events that meet one of the following criteria:

  1. City events
  2. Events the City sponsors
  3. Relevant events of any non-City government agency
  4. Events for which the City approves a Special Events Permit and/or approves use of the public right-of-way or City property
  5. Events related to the city's economic development and are consistent with the City’s Strategic Plan for Marketing Communications

It is not the City’s intent that the website becomes a public forum or limited public forum. The website is maintained for the exclusive use of and by the City of Livermore for communicating matters of general public interest. A description of an event shall conform to the criteria listed on the Event Calendar Request Form. The City reserves the right to modify this policy.

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