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 Douglas Alessio  Administrative Services Director  925-960-4300
 Bhavna Chaudhary  Financial Services Manager  925-960-4353
   Accountant - Budget  925-960-4352
 Gina Javier  Accountant - General Ledger  925-960-4351
 Erik Peterson  Accountant - Utility Billing  925-960-4325



 Accounts Payable    925-960-4345
Lynn Carpenter
Debbie Cardoza
 Business Licenses    925-960-4310
Rhonda Cardwell
Siobhan Tyler
 Dog Licenses  925-960-4315
 Accounting  925-960-4360
Amy Walker
Jennifer James
Lori Scott
Laurie Tobias
Sue Reid
 Purchasing  925-960-4340
Leslie Young
Angie Marshall
 Utility Billing  925-960-4320
Staci Romano
Raymond Ibarra
Diane Korellis
Kathleen "Sam" Kraft
Carol Espinoza