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Doing Business in Livermore

The City of Livermore purchases a wide variety of merchandise through a centralized purchasing system. The purpose of this guide is to acquaint you with the City's purchasing policies and procedures and explain how you can do business with the City. Our goal is to assist you in your marketing efforts and promote partnerships between you and the City of Livermore. If this guide does not answer all your questions, please email our Purchasing Division. Or, contact Leslie Young, Purchasing Specialist, at (925) 960-4340.

City Purchasing Ordinance

Please refer to Contracts and Purchasing Section of our Municipal Code Section 2.68

Vendor Registration

Purchasing maintains a list of interested vendors.  We have recently created a new partnership with Public Purchase, a web based eProcurement service that notifies vendors of new bidding opportunities.  Interested vendors may register on line at Public Purchase.  Registration to become a vendor for the City of Livermore using the Public Purchase system is FREE!  

 Click on the "Register Now" button.  Fill out and submit the information requested.  The City requires you to select NIGP commodity code(s) that relate to your business so you can receive email notifications of future bid opportunities.  You will also be prompted to fill out a W-9 for the City's records.  Once registration is submitted, you will receive an activation e-mail from Public Purchase.  Follow the instructions included in the e-mail to complete the activation process and obtain your City of Livermore vendor logon credentials.  

If for some reason you wish to change your account information you must do so at the Public Purchase website.  If you have any problems or questions email Public Purchase Support directly at or call 1-801-932-7000.  Current Bid Opportunities...

Electronic Payment Authorization For Automatic Deposits (ACH Credits)

Methods of Procurement

Purchasing makes every effort to obtain maximum value for each dollar expended, considering the factors of BEST VALUE as listed in our Municipal Code; cost, quality, performance, experience and efficiency. 

Purchases of Supplies, Materials, & Equipment

  • Under $5,000: Purchase may be made by Purchasing or individual department. Preferred method is to purchase by City MasterCard. If vendor does not accept payment by credit card, a net 30 invoice will be processed and paid.
  • Between $5,001 and $49,999: A minimum of three competitive quotations are required. Above $15,000 the quotations must be in writing. The order will be placed by Purchasing. Purchase may be paid for with a City MasterCard, or a Purchase Order may be issued.
  • $50,000 and Above: Formal Sealed Bid or Request For Proposal, is required.

Purchases of General Services

All Contracts for General Services will be issued by the Purchasing Division. The Quotation/Bid threshold levels are identical to the levels described above in the Purchases of Supplies, Materials and Equipment.  Proof of insurance, workers compensation, and a City of Livermore business license is required for all vendors who will be performing work within or on City property.


All orders must be delivered to the address specified on the Purchase Order. Vendors should not deliver goods to an alternate address unless authorized by Purchasing as the processing of your payment will be delayed.

Changes in Orders

The Purchase Order is the City's contract with you. Any changes to the contract must be approved in writing by the Finance Department / Purchasing Division.

Licenses and Permits

Vendors doing business with the City must have a City of Livermore Business License. Business License information may be obtained from:

Finance Department / Business License Division
1052 South Livermore Ave.
Livermore, CA 94550
(925) 960-4310
Business License Information


The City pays California State sales and use taxes when applicable and is exempt from Federal Excise tax.  Current City of Livermore tax rate is 9.00%.


Vendors who perform a general service for the City will be required to submit proof of insurance coverage as specified by the City of Livermore's Risk Manager. Questions on the City's requirements can be answered by calling (925) 960-4170.

Professional/Consulting Services

The Purchasing Division does not process professional consultant contracts. They are administered by each City Department who has a need for such service.  Consultants are chosen on an as needed basis directly by the department that will be utilizing their services, and are NOT subject to competitive bidding.

Public Works Projects

Public Works Projects are processed by the City of Livermore Community Development Department, Engineering Division, and are not handled by the Purchasing Division.