Human Resources

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Hiring Process

Application Review & Testing Process

  1. After the application final filing deadline has passed, all application materials are reviewed.
  2. Applicants who demonstrate the best combination of overall qualifications on their application materials will be considered for participation in a testing process.
  3. All applicants will receive notification of the results of the application materials screening generally within 2-3 weeks after the final filing date. All notifications will be sent electronically.
  4. The next stage in the testing process may be one or more of the following examinations which may be administered in one or multiple phases:
    • A written, true/false, multiple choice, and/or essay examination may be administered to assess the level of job related knowledge, skill, and ability specific to the position.
    • A performance test may be administered which requires candidates to actively perform job related tasks in order to evaluate the candidate's ability to actually perform the duties of the position.
    • A Qualifications Appraisal Board (QAB) interview process may be conducted by a panel of subject matter experts who evaluate candidates based on relevant knowledge, skill, and ability factors specific to the particular job. A QAB may also include other types of tests used to evaluate job related competencies such as a writing or situational exercise.
    • An assessment center may be administered which is a testing process which uses multiple methods to evaluate job related knowledge, skills, and abilities. This type of testing model is the most comprehensive method used today to test a candidate’s ability to perform tasks that are actually performed on the job. Assessment Centers may include any combination of the testing methods described above or other types of tests including role play, group, presentation, and simulation exercises.
  5. The Human Resources Division notifies candidates of their examination results within two weeks of the examination. Those candidates who successfully complete the entire testing process will be placed on an employment list that remains in effect for one year unless exhausted, abolished, or extended. Applicants may reapply for a position during the next open recruitment, provided at least six months have passed. The entire Eligible List and all qualified application materials are made available to hiring departments as openings occur. An appointment can be made from anywhere on the employment list, which allows hiring departments flexibility to appoint any candidate from the list who is deemed most appropriate and suitable for the current position.

Tip: To prepare for the testing process, it is helpful to review the job announcement and job description and to identify job responsibilities, knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for the position. You should also conduct a self-assessment of the related competencies you specifically possess which are transferable to the position for which you are interviewing.

Tip: You might also find that gathering information about the Division, Department & City is helpful.

Tip: Practice your interviewing skills with a friend or family member.

Hiring From The Eligible List

The hiring department conducts selection interviews and reference checks. Upon this conditional offer, the City conducts a fingerprint criminal background check and where applicable, a DMV check and educational verification. Additionally, candidates for positions in the Police Department are required to pass a background investigation and a polygraph test.

Tip: If you move or change your telephone number or e-mail address, it is important to notify the Human Resources Division immediately.

Post-Offer Medical

Upon a conditional offer of employment, specific positions, as identified in the job announcement, must pass a medical examination and/or drug screening. Positions in the Police Department must also pass a psychological examination. All Police Department positions require that candidates be free from illegal drug use for the past three years.

Incumbents in classifications who perform safety sensitive functions, as defined by the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.), are subject to D.O.T. regulations and the City's policy concerning drug and alcohol testing as a continuous condition of employment with the City of Livermore.

Probationary Period

Probationary periods vary by job classification. The time period is indicated in all City of Livermore job announcements. As defined in the City of Livermore Human Resources Rules and Regulations, the probationary period is regarded as part of the selection process and is utilized for closely observing the employee's work performance, for securing the most effective adjustment of a new employee to the position, and for rejecting a probationary employee who does not meet required standards (with or without cause).

Upcoming Employment Opportunities/Interest Card

If you wish to be notified of the openings to recruitments, submit an online interest card to receive electronic notifications.

ADA/Reasonable Accommodation/TDD

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): If you are a qualified individual with a disability as defined by the ADA and you need reasonable accommodation to participate in any of the tests, you must notify the Human Resources Division by the final filing date for the specific job. Official documentation of your functional limitations to support your request may be required.
  • Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (925) 960-4104