Livermore has a well-established and distinctive cultural arts identity. The City is home to a large and diverse collection of cultural arts organizations and assets, including a symphony orchestra, opera company, several dance companies, Shakespeare festival, chamber music series, performing arts center, poet laureate, organizations for visual arts, literary arts, vocal music, public television, heritage groups, arts educators, artisans, and many individual artists.

The combination of Livermore's arts, culture, heritage, viticulture, and science form a rich identity and way of life that is clearly acknowledged and celebrated by the community.  We encourage you to enjoy these wonderful community resources.

Upcoming Events:
Poet Laureate event at Ravenswood -- Sunday, December 6, 2015, 2:00pm-4:00pm
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Recent Events:
Poet Laureate event at Ravenswood -- Sunday, November 1, 2015, 2:00pm-4:00pm

Public Art Guide

Interested in touring Livermore's public art? Check out our Public Art Guide, which features photos, locations, and information about Livermore's public art. You can also visit our Public Art page for more information on the City's public art program.

Google Map Public Art Guide
PDF Public Art Guide

Opportunities for Artists

"Call for Artists" Interest List

The City of Livermore provides opportunities for artists to showcase their talents. To join our "Call for Artists" Interest List, send us your name, contact information, and your area to be notified of all upcoming opportunities for artists.

Current Opportunities

There are no current opportunities for artists at this time.

Recent Opportunities

Livermorium Public Art Project In commemoration of the historic discovery of the scientific element Livermorium (number 116 on the Periodic Table of Elements), the City has commissioned a number of art projects in collaboration with accomplished artists whose aesthetic celebrates the integration of art and science.

High School Senior Arts Awards The High School Senior Arts Awards Program is designed to identify, recognize, and encourage talented high school graduating students within the Livermore School District and the Livermore Charter Preparatory High School in the disciplines of the Arts. Winners will receive a $500 award from the City’s Commission for the Arts.

2015 Winners:
Granada High School: Enikoe Bahari
Livermore Valley Charter Preparatory: Alexis Storey 
Livermore High School: Dana Anex, Genai Bittrich, Shelbey Evans, Caroline Feltz, Hannah Folmar, Logan Gruidl, Ethan Ha, Peter Lalor