Mini Grants

The Commission for the Arts Mini Grant program is designed to support the many artists and artistic organizations in Livermore, to expand artistic opportunities and to encourage programs for the cultural enrichment of the City.

Because this program is funded with public dollars, the Mini Grant program can only support programs that take place within Livermore.

        - Mini Grant Application

        - Grantee Final Report

Application Process

1)  Mini Grant applications are accepted at any time and will take up to two months for review and consideration.  You will be notified when your application is placed on the Agenda to be considered by the Commission for the Arts and your attendance at the Commission meeting is optional.

2)  Mini Grant amounts are limited to no more than $1,000.  It is the practice of the Commission for the Arts to limit the award of funds to one grant per organization per year.

3)  To complete the application, download it to your computer and complete all pages of the form.  (Use ‘NA’ if a section does not apply to you.) Save the completed application to your computer.  Submit your application either:

    a) via email to  Subject line to read:  Mini Grant Application and the name of your organization, or

    b) deliver one copy to City Hall, 1052 S Livermore Avenue, attention Community and Economic Development Department, Mini Grant Application.

4)  Incomplete or modified applications will not be accepted.

5)  The application form must be signed by the applying artist or an authorized person of the requesting organization.

6)  Use the Budget Form to provide information regarding your project.  Do not include a full organization budget.

7)  If you have been granted 501(c)3 status, provide evidence of this status.

8)  Application attachments may include resumes/biographies of key individuals and up to four brochures or other printed materials. 

Review Process

The Commission for the Arts will appoint an ad hoc committee at a regularly scheduled meeting to review applications that have been received.  A committee member may contact you for further information and clarification, and after review the entire application will be submitted to the full Commission along with the committee's recommendation.  The Commission will vote on the application during a regularly scheduled meeting and City Staff will notify you to confirm the date, time, and location of said meeting.

If the Mini Grant Application is Approved

If your application is approved you will receive a letter and a contract for the Mini Grant funds.  You will need to have a current City of Livermore Business License.  The fee is wavied for organizations with 501(c)(3) status; simply write 'fee waived' on page 2 of the Business License Tax Application Form.  Return the signed contract and signed Business License Tax Application Form to the City as soon as possible.

Mini Grants are funded with public funds.  If your application is approved you will be required to submit the Grantee Final Report to or to City of Livermore, 1052 S Livermore Avenue, Livermore, CA 94550, Attn:  Community and Economic Development Department, Mini Grant Application.  The Grantee Final Report is due no later than 30 days after project completion.  Mini Grant funds will be distributed after receipt of the report. 

Note:  If you are provided funding by the Commission for the Arts for your project the Commission must be acknowledged for this support.  This can be accomplished in publicity, advertising of the event or project, or in program related materials.  The acknowledgement should read:  “Supported in part by a grant from the City of Livermore Commission for the Arts”.

If you have any questions regarding how to complete this
Application or the review process please contact City Staff
at (925) 960-4400 or email