Poet Laureate

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Poet Laureate



The Poet Laureate is responsible for developing literature and poetry programs in the community and for writing poems for civic events and dedications. He or she also serves as a resource and liaison between the City’s Cultural Arts program, local schools, and literary organizations.

Poet Laureate ~ Kevin Gunn

Livermore’s current Poet Laureate is Kevin Gunn. He is the City’s third Poet Laureate. His term runs through June 2017. 

Mr. Gunn began teaching at Livermore High School in 1976 and has resided in Livermore for over 30 years. He began a poetry club at the school in 1990 and continues his passion to inspire young people to write and share their poems. During his tenure at Livermore High, Mr. Gunn has written hundreds of poems to celebrate colleagues' retirements, written and performed rap to encourage students before their state exams, and while football coach, used pre-game poems to motivate the team. 

His work has been published in the California Quarterly, Chiron Review, Song of the San Joaquin and the Las Positas Anthology. He has been a judge for the poetry competition at the Alameda County Fair for several years and is a member of the Ina Coolbirth Circle.

Mr. Gunn's goal is to encourage everyone to write, read, and appreciate the power of poetry to articulate the human condition. He firmly believes that poetry can connect with people's emotions, lift their spirits, and provide an artistic outlet to express their true insights and feelings.

You can learn more about the City's Poet Laureate and local events by connecting to the "Livermore Poetry" page on Facebook.