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Abandoned Shopping Carts

Shopping cart

Did you know it is illegal to remove a shopping cart from the property where the store is located? Did you know persons removing carts from private property or caught in possession of a cart removed from private property may be subject to a criminal citation? The City of Livermore has seen a recent and dramatic increase in abandoned shopping carts on our streets and in our neighborhoods. Carts left on parkways, sidewalks or streets can pose hazards for pedestrians and drivers in addition to creating a blight on the community. Citizens can help rid our neighborhoods and streets of these nuisances by doing one of the following:

Shopping Cart
  • Do not remove carts from the property where the store it belongs to is located.
  • Call the store where the cart(s) belongs. Citizens can find the correct store on the list below or can find the store's contact information on the cart itself
  • Call the City of Livermore's Neighborhood Preservation Section at (925) 960-4444
  • Complete the online shopping cart complaint form

Additional Shopping Cart Information

  • Shopping carts must be clearly marked with the store or owner's name, contact telephone number, address for returning the cart and notification that removal and unauthorized possession of a shopping cart is a violation of state and local laws LMC 8.18.050
  • Removal of and or possession of a shopping cart from a store or owner's property is against state an local laws and may result in the issuance of a criminal citation
  • Shopping carts abandoned on private property may result in a warning or citation issued to the property owner where the cart is located LMC 8.14.020
Store Name Phone Number (925)
Dollar Tree 1490 Railroad Ave. 455-9898
Grocery Outlet 1320 Railroad Ave. 961-0518
Home Depot 2500 Las Positas Rd. 243-1212
Longs 4405 First St. 373-8115
Longs 1500 First St. 455-5400
Lowe's 4255 First St. 245-2440
Lucky 1951 Holmes St. 447-9051
Lucky 2000 Portola Ave. 456-2900
Nob Hill 919 Stanley Blvd. 447-6051
Office Max 2400 Las Positas Rd. 294-5609
Orchard Supply 1450 First St. 455-8555
Rite Aid 968 Murrieta Blvd. 373-0455
Ross 4408 Las Positas Rd. 443-0433
Safeway 4495 First St. 1-800-Safeway
Safeway 1554 First St. 455-5667
Target 4300 Las Positas Rd. 606-1445
Trader Joes 1122 E. Stanley Blvd 243-1947
WalMart 2700 Las Positas Rd. 455-0215