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Encroachments onto Public Property

Encroachments, as defined in the Livermore Municipal Code Section 12.08.010, come in many forms, shapes and sizes. A pile of dirt on a sidewalk, a portable basketball hoop left in the street, or appliances and furniture left either on the sidewalk or in the street are all examples of encroachment complaints the Neighborhood Preservation Section responds to and investigates. Sidewalk and street encroachments can cause significant risks to pedestrians and adversely impact the flow of vehicle traffic. Below you will find a partial list of typical encroachments Preservations Officers handle.

  • Portable basketball hoops left in the street or on the sidewalk
  • Furniture, appliances or other household and personal items left in the street or on a sidewalk
  • Landscaping debris, construction materials or supplies left in the street or on the sidewalk
  • Garbage or trash bins, receptacles or other containers left in the street or on the sidewalk
  • Vehicles, including recreational vehicles, parked on private property which partially overhang or completely block the sidewalk

Encroachments onto privately owned properties are civil matters and must be handled between property owners.

photo photo photo
Basketball hoop on sidewalk RV overhanging sidewalk Landscaping waste blocking sidewalk and in street

File a service request for any of the above situations.