Community Development DepartmentNeighborhood Preservation

Service Request Forms

We encourage you to use one of the online report/request forms:

Report Abandoned Shopping Carts: Use this form to report abandoned shopping carts.

Report Landscape Maintenance: Request or report a safety concern, such as an irrigation problem, accumulation of litter or debris, obstructed walkway, dead or dying plant material, sight/distance problems, graffiti, decorative lights, or some other problem.

Request Maintenance: Report street light outages, pot holes, or other types of city maintentance. To report residential sewer problems or for additional information, contact Water Resources Division, 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 925-960-8160

Neighborhood Preservation Report:
Help keep your community beautiful and valuable by reporting neighborhood nuisances such as: Unkempt front yards, suspected unpermitted construction, overgrown vegetation, inoperable vehicles not on the street (Go to the Police Department Abandon Vehicle page or call 925-371-4824), parking on unpaved surfaces, unpermitted home businesses, basketball hoops on the street or sidewalk, and graffiti on private property.