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Home Occupation

Home occupations, as defined in section 11.01.020H of this code, which are clearly secondary to the principal use of a dwelling, conform to City ordinances, and do not adversely affect the public safety, health and general welfare of the neighborhood shall be permitted. In addition to special conditions that may be imposed to accomplish these objectives, home occupations shall conform to the following locational, developmental, and operational standards:

  • No signs are permitted in conjunction with the use, either affixed to the premises or to any vehicle parked on the premises.
  • All employees of the home occupation must be immediate family members residing at the residence
  • In the event outside persons are employed to perform functions of this business away from the premises, parking or storage of employees’ vehicles in the neighborhood is prohibited. All personal employee contact shall occur at the client’s location.
  • No noticeable movement of products, materials, machinery, or equipment in and out of the premises to be permitted in conjunction with the use
  • Storage of stock shall be limited to 100 cubic feet (approximately the size of a typical residential bedroom closet)
  • See Section 6.02.060F for storage restrictions of hazardous materials.
  • Vehicles connected with this business are limited to one vehicle not exceeding an unladed vehicle weight of 4,500 pounds.
  • Vehicle related services such as, but not limited to, repair, cleaning, tune-ups, couriers, delivery or transport of goods or people and services requiring employees, customers or clients to visit the residence shall be prohibited.
  • Instructional services, such as tutoring or musical instruction, shall be exempt from the home occupation requirements with approval from the Director.
  • The home occupation shall involve no on-site clients except for home occupations in live/work Transect zones, tutoring or instruction of children by appointment and applicants with a demonstrated mobility handicap.
  • There shall be no on-site exterior storage of equipment, vehicles (in excess of the single vehicle), materials or supplies connected with this business.
  • Tools or equipment connected with the business shall be operated so as to be imperceptible at or beyond the property line.
  • See Section 6.02.060M for a list of prohibited home occupations/uses.
  • A home occupation permit shall be obtained in compliance with Chapter 9.05 (Home Occupation Permits).

Click to download the Home Occupation Permit Application.

File a service request for suspected violations of any of the above requirements.