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Neighborhood Nuisance

The City of Livermore Neighborhood Preservation Section, also known as Code Enforcement, responds to a variety of neighborhood nuisance complaints which are visible from a public street on private commercial and residential properties. There are many different types of private property nuisances listed in Livermore Municipal Code Chapter 8.14.

Examples of typical violations range from the storage of personal or household items in areas including yards, driveways and porches to overgrown or unsightly vegetation to abandoned shopping carts. It is important to remember that alleged violations must be visible from a public street in order for a Neighborhood Preservation Officer, also known as a Code Enforcement Officer, to take corrective action. Each call for service is investigated in a timely manner based on the severity of the alleged complaint and Preservation Officer case loads. The Neighborhood Preservation Section’s goal is to provide the highest level of customer service possible by working together with residents and property owners to achieve voluntary compliance in a timely manner. Residents with questions or who wish to file a complaint may contact the Neighborhood Preservation at 925-960-4444 submit a service request form to file a complaint on-line.

Note: Anonymous complaints cannot be processed as the assigned officer may need to contact the reporting party for further information that is important in all complaint investigations. Reporting party information is kept confidential and is not released to the public by the City of Livermore, unless ordered to be released by a judge of a court of record.

Typical Complaints