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Overgrown Vegetation

overgrown vegetation

All privately owned property in the City of Livermore must be kept in accordance with the regulations contained within Livermore Municipal Code (LMC) Chapter 8.14. This chapter outlines the MINIMUM maintenance standards for properties in the City of Livermore.

Minimum Property Standards

overgrown vegetation

Neighborhood Preservation Officers cannot address issues/complaints which are not visible from a public street.

Front yard areas are not required to have grass or groundcover. Yards with vegetation visible from the street must:

  • Not be maintained in an overgrown state likely to harbor rats or vermin
  • Not contain dead or hazardous trees
  • Not have weeds or other vegetation constituting an unsightly appearance
  • Be maintained in a manner which is not dangerous to public safety and welfare
  • landscape issue
  • Be maintained in a manner which is not detrimental to neighboring properties or property values

All conditions listed above must be visible from a public street to constitute a violation.