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There are many different types, shapes, sizes colors and designs of signs within the City of Livermore. Banner, wall, monument, real estate, awning and window are only a few of the wide range of style and types of signs we see everyday in our travels throughout our city.

A Sign Defined

A device, fixture, placard, structure or painting that uses any color, form, graphic, illumination, symbol or writing to advertise or announce the purpose of a person or entity, or to communicate information of any kind to the public.

Permanent Signs

Permanent signs are signs that which a sign permit is required and may be issued with no time limit in accordance with Development Code Section 4.06. Examples of permanent signs are monument signs, wall signs and awning signs.

Sign Sign
Wall Sign Under Awning Sign

Temporary Signs

Temporary signs are signs that are intended to be displayed for a limited period of time only. All temporary signs, with a few specific exceptions, require approval and permits from the Planning Division of the City of Livermore. Examples of temporary signs are banner signs, stake signs, A-frame signs or a painted window sign.

Painted Window Sign Banner Sign
Painted Window Sign Banner Sign

Prohibited Signs

Certain types of signs are prohibited in the City of Livermore. The following is a list of prohibited signs within the City of Livermore.

  • A sign in conjunction with a home occupation
  • A flashing, moving, animated, blinking or rotating sign whose illumination changes with time, or which is designed in a manner to simulate motion.
  • A sign constructed in such a manner as to create a traffic hazard by creation of glare, obstruction of vision, or at a location where it may interfere with, obstruct the view of, or be confused with any authorized traffic sign.
  • A sign which includes noise making devices.
  • A billboard or roof sign.

General Sign Guidelines listed below are general guidelines for signs in the city of Livermore. The City’s Planning Division reviews all sign permit applications and issues all sign permits. In certain situations, exemptions are in allowed for sign guidelines but only as permitted by the Livermore Development Code Chapter 4.06.

Generally, signs must:

  • Have a permit before being installed or displayed
  • Be kept in good repair and maintained
  • Not be placed in residential areas-see exceptions in the Livermore Development Code chapter 4.06
  • Not block, impair, impede or interfere with the use of any public right of way
  • Not cause a sight obstruction to vehicle or pedestrian traffic
  • Not be placed on public or city property such as: telephone poles, traffic signal poles, traffic informational signs, roadway medians, in city parks, on/in city buildings or structures or on sidewalks (unless in the Downtown Specific Plan Area and pursuant to the issuance of a Temporary Sign Permit)
Sign on Sidewalk Attache to a City light pole
Improperly placed on a sidewalk Attached to a City light pole