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This page provides information regarding upcoming public works projects, projects currently out to bid, and recent bid opening results. 

 Projects Currently Bidding

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Project Name Current Estimate Documents Contact
Freisman Park, City Project No. 2007-2066
Revised Bid Opening 8/27/14
$1,500,000 Bid Notice
Addendum 1 available
Addendum 2 available

Addendum 3 available
Addendum 4 available
Addendum 5 available
Debbie Salgado

Upcoming Projects

Expected to be out to bid within six months
Project Name Current Estimate Contact
2014 Annual Sewer Replacement, City Project No. 2014-03 $2,000,000 Jim Vingo
Miscellaneous Storm Drain Improvements, City Project No. 2013-25 $75,000 Jim Vingo
Water Reclamation Plant Electrical Distribution Improvements, City Project No. 2008-48 $4,300,000 Joel Waxdeck
Sanitary Sewer Mainline Bottlenecks, City Project No.1998-74 $500,000 Jim Vingo

Requests for Proposals / Qualifications

RFP / RFQ Name Documents Date Due Contact
There are currently no RFP/RFQ's

Recent Bid Results

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Project Name Contact Number
2014 Street Resurfacing, City Project No. 2014-01 Kevin Duffus     925-960-4556
2013-2015 Sidewalk Repair Program, City Project No. 2014-02     Juan Vargas 925-960-4537
WRP Aeration Basin 1 Improvements, City Project No. 2011-11 Joel Waxdeck     925-960-8129
2014 Arterial Street Rehabilitation, City Project No. 2014-17 Rosy Ehlert 925-960-4512