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Measure B Projects

Your Tax Dollars at Work

In November 2000, Alameda County voters reauthorized Measure B -- the half-cent sales tax for transportation expenditures.  The City of Livermore receives about $1 million annually from this tax source for street and trail improvements.  The following projects used approximately $1.2 million of Measure B funds for streets and trails for the prior Fiscal Year 2012-2013:

Project Name     Funded by Measure B    
Annual Pavement Overlays $400,000
Annual Slurry Seal $100,000
Annual Sidewalk Repair Program $190,000
Design of Various Trail Projects   $110,000

Approximately $1,300,000 in Measure B funds (streets and trails) is budgeted in the Capital Improvement Program for the current Fiscal Year 2013-2014.  These projects include:

Project Name     Funded by Measure B    
Trail Repairs $445,000
Trail Design $65,000
New Trail Construction $275,000
Annual Slurry Seal $100,000
Annual Pavement Overlays $200,000
Annual Sidewalk Repair Program $300,000

For more information on the Measure B program, visit Alameda CTC's website