Design / Planning Stage

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Design / Planning Stage

Isabel Ave Landscape Restorations of Various Frontages and Water Reclamation Plant Water Feature

City Project No. 1992-3855

Landscaping of the Water Reclamation Plant, Airport, College sanitary sewer pump station frontages along west side of Isabel Avenue, and frontage along north side of Constitution Drive from Collier Canyon Rd to Shea Center Drive.  Installation of a waterfall feature, at the Water Reclamation Plant, composed of boulders, pools, dry creeks, and surrounding landscaping. 

If you need additional information regarding this project please contact Roberto Escobar, Project Manager,  at 925-960-4532.

Traffic Signal Modification

City Project No. 2010-21

This project will modify signals that are nearing the end of their useful life.  Modifications are currently in design for the following intersections:  First Street/Old First Street and Fourth Street/South L Street. Signal modifications will improve overall safety operations and progression of traffic along major corridors.

If you need additional information regarding this project please contact Carlo Sendaydiego, Project Manager, at 925-960-4517.

State Route 84 Expressway

As the new State Route 84, Isabel Avenue is ultimately planned to be 6-lanes from I-580 to Stanley Boulevard, and 4-lanes from Stanley Boulevard to Vallecitos Road. The 2002 Measure B expenditure program identifies $70 million for the Route 84 (Isabel) Expressway.

The Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC) and the City of Livermore are performing engineering and design analysis for Cal Trans for the State Route 84 Expressway widening project. The environmental document for these improvements dated August 2008 can be viewed on the Cal Trans website. The project fact sheet can be viewed at the ACTC website.

The Isabel Avenue improvement projects have been largely funded through the Measure B Sales Tax Program. For more information on other local Measure B projects click here.

2015-16 ADA Access Ramps


City Project No. 2014-07


This project involves the construction of new access ramps and improvements of existing ramps at various locations throughout the City of Livermore.  A tentative 2-year ramp list has been created in anticipation of the construction of this project – which will begin in the summer of 2015.

As part of the ADA Access Ramp Project, the City of Livermore accepts requests from qualified individuals with disabilities to construct curb ramps at specific locations. To submit a request for the installation or improvements of the curb ramp, please click here.

If you need additional information regarding this project, please contact Juan Tenorio, Project Manager, at (925) 960-4554.