Annual Projects

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Annual Projects

Annual Street Projects

The 2015 Street Resurfacing Project, Project No. 2015-01 will start design soon. Here is a list of streets for the 2015 Overlay.

Click here for more information about the City of Livermore's annual street resurfacing program.

The 2015 Slurry Seal Project, Project No. 2015-04 will start design soon. Here is a list of streets to be slurry sealed.  

Annual Sidewalk Repair Project

2013-2015 Sidewalk Repair Program, Project 2014-02 is under construction.  This project will repair damaged sidewalks at approximately 450 locations throughout the City.  Owners of properties adjacent to a sidewalk are responsible for maintenance of the sidewalk.  The City has a cost sharing program, where the property owner pays 75% of the cost of repairs.  There is a maximum cap of $2,004 for owner-occupied residential properties.  The list of locations included in the project is established through inventories conducted by City staff, and notices received from the public and property owners.  Staff evaluates the condition of sidewalks in high pedestrian locations, such as Downtown, parks and schools every year.  Typically, the City does an annual sidewalk repair project, however, this year’s project  is a two year program.

This project also includes a pilot project to replace the existing bluestone pavers with stamped colored and textured concrete on the north side of First Street, east of L street. The replacement is intended to improve safety and reduce the maintenance cost of the sidewalks in Downtown.  Stamped concrete is poured as an integral surface, therefore the surface is less prone to displacements that cause uneven walking surface.  The projects includes the installation of sample stamped colored and textured concrete for evaluation by staff before bluestone pavers are removed and replaced.

Click here to report a damaged sidewalk.

Click here for more information about the City of Livermore's annual sidewalk repair program.
For a list of sidewalk locations identified for repair in future projects click here.

For additional information contact Engineering staff at 925-960-4500 or via e-mail.