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BART & Rail Planning

Last updated 07/28/2014

BART Board of Directors Vote to Advance BART to Livermore 

On February 9, 2012, the BART Board of Directors voted unanimously to advance BART to Livermore to the next phase of project development including completing a project specific environmental analysis and establishing a partnership with the City of Livermore and the Alameda County Transportation Commission to expedite project delivery.

BART Proposes Concept for Phased BART Extension to Livermore 

BART Proposes Concept for Phased BART Extension to Livermore

At a July 26, 2011 meeting of the Tri-Valley Regional Rail Policy Working Group, BART Board Director John McPartland introduced a concept for a first phase BART extension to Livermore. Director McPartland proposed to extend BART tracks in the median of I-580 easterly as far as the funding will allow. There may not be sufficient funding to extend BART to Isabel Avenue with the first phase so a temporary transfer station in the freeway median was proposed. The transfer station would be accessible primarily by busses. Other ways to access the station, such as walking, biking, drop offs and parking are under consideration, depending on station location and funding.

There is an opportunity to get funding for a first phase project in the proposed reauthorization of Alameda County Measure BB, the ½ cent sales tax for transportation. Refer to Measure BB Reauthorization and Alameda Countywide 2014 Transportation Expenditure Plan for more information.

For more information, visit BART’s website. To share your questions and comments, please contact BART Planning, or Bob Vinn, City of Livermore Community Development.

City Council Adopts Initiative

On July 11, 2011, the City Council adopted the "Keep BART on I-580” Initiative, which requires the City to advocate for a BART extension in the median of I-580 to a station at I-580/Isabel Avenue, with a future extension in the median of I-580 to Greenville Road. The Council took this action after certifying the Initiative petition that contained over 8,000 signatures supporting the freeway alignment, and receiving the 9212 Report on the impacts of the Initiative. The 9212 Report identified that the required Transit Oriented Development could be accommodated around a Greenville BART station by moving the station location about 2,500 feet south along Greenville Road, away from the environmental constraints that exist near I-580. The City has sent a letter to BART Director McPartland requesting the BART Board consider the City's preferred alignment.

                         Project Contacts

City of Livermore
Bob Vinn
Assistant City Engineer
City of Livermore
1052 South Livermore Avenue
Livermore, CA 94550
BART Planning
San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District
300 Lakeside Drive, 16th floor
Oakland, CA, 94612