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Commuter Information

This web page provides commuters with various tools and information to help improve their commute through the City.

Transportation Links

The State of California also provides local and regional commute information on their web site. The following links are available to the public:


Traffic coordination on local roadways reduces travel times for Livermore traffic. Coordination works by timing a series of traffic signals so that a vehicle traveling through a coordinated corridor would receive a green light at each traffic signal, thereby reducing their travel time through the corridor. As an additional benefit, coordinated traffic signals keep commuters on the major roadways, allowing local residents to use local streets that would otherwise be jammed with "cut-through" commute traffic. The City currently coordinates the following local roadways:

  • Vasco Road from Daphne Drive/LLNL Westgate Entrance to Garaventa Ranch Road
  • E. Stanley Blvd/Railroad Ave from Isabel Avenue to First Street
  • First Street from Southfront Road to Maple Street
  • N. Livermore Avenue from Arroyo Plaza to Junction Avenue
  • Portola Avenue from N. Livermore Ave to Murrieta Blvd.
  • N. Canyons Parkway from Airway Blvd. to Collier Canyon Road
  • Holmes Street from Wetmore Road to South S Street

CCTV Cameras

The City of Livermore has recently installed Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras at various locations in the City, (click here for map). CCTV cameras were installed as part of the I-580 Smart Corridor Project, and are programmed to monitor traffic on local streets. In the future, the City will provide links to existing CCTV cameras at the following locations:

  • Vasco at Las Positas
  • Vasco at Emily
  • Railroad at Livermore
  • Stanley at Murrieta
  • Stanley at Isabel
  • East at Mines
  • First Street at Las Positas
  • Las Positas at Kohl's Driveway
  • North Canyons Parkway at Airway Blvd.
  • Holmes Street at Arroyo Mocho Trail Crossing
  • First Street at L Street
  • Livermore Ave at Portola Ave
  • Stanley Blvd at El Caminito
  • First Street at Maple Street
  • Vasco Road at Northfront Road
  • Vasco Road at Tesla Road (County)