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Truck Routes & Transportation Permits

Section 35701 of the California Vehicle Code allows local authorities to prohibit the use of a street by any commercial vehicle except for public utility vehicles or any commercial vehicle on a direct route from an unrestricted street for the purpose of making pickups or deliveries.

In 2004 the City Council approved an ordinance that designates truck routes on the following streets only:

Truck Routes (Truck Route Map)

  • Isabel Avenue
  • Kitty Hawk Road between Jack London Boulevard and Airway Boulevard
  • Airway Boulevard between Kitty Hawk Road and I-580
  • East Stanley Boulevard west of Isabel Avenue

The Isabel Avenue (State Route 84) corridor is an appropriate facility to function as a truck route. Roadways along the Isabel Avenue corridor have been designed to State highway or expressway standards and can structurally withstand the increased loading due to trucks.

If you have any questions, please contact the Engineering Division at (925) 960-4500

Transportation Permits

In January, 2001 the City of Livermore modified its existing Transportation Permit Procedure and related permit forms. The City's Transportation Permit Procedure has been updated to more closely reflect current Caltrans procedures. Permits are issued for the movement of an "Extralegal Load" as defined in California Vehicle Code Sec. 320.5.

Single Trip Permit Application

A single trip permit is valid for a laden and unladen round-trip. The Clerk checks height, length, weight, overhang, and width specifications and requested route on the application. If the application falls within the City of Livermore Transportation Permit Procedure criteria, then the vehicle is deemed acceptable for a single trip permit. For vehicle combinations with more than nine axles you must also use a Transportation Permit Rider.

Annual Permit Application

Generally, the City of Livermore will allow an Annual Transportation Permit that is also allowed by Caltrans.  If the applicant can provide ans annual permit granted by Caltrans, the City will also consider issuing the same annual permit.  The permittee must carry a copy of the permit, with all required attachments, in the permitted vehicle. For annual permit requirements, please see the City of Livermore Transportation Permit Procedure.

Completed permit applications can be faxed to us at (925) 960-4505 for processing.

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