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What Types of Programs Are Eligible For CDBG Funding?

In previous years, CDBG has been used to fund a wide array of services, ranging from Senior Services and Meals on Wheels, programs for the local domestic violence shelter, adult and child day care services and major and minor repairs on homes.

Agencies applying for these funds must demonstrate that at least 70% of the population they serve are of low and moderate income and have a compelling need for funding. However, the Livermore Human Services Commission weighs a number of factors in addition to the CDBG national objectives to determine program funding. These factors include the total number of clients served that reside in Livermore, the overall cost of the program per client, and the percentage of funding your program receives from other organizations. In addition, the application will be more competitive if percentage of low-income clients served by the agency exceeds the 70% threshold and if these clients are from the lowest income categories as shown on the income guidelines.

Because many of the individuals and families served by these agencies typically require additional services, applicants must explain how they collaborate with other agencies throughout the Tri-Valley and Alameda County. It is not required the agency’s office be located in Livermore, however they must serve Livermore residents. For example, a woman requesting assistance from the domestic violence shelter may require job training and other types of counseling.

City Council encourages City Staff to assist a broad range of existing and new programs. Please feel free to contact Housing & Human Services staff to answer any further questions or determine if you fit our funding profile. An overview of how to apply for CDBG funds is available online.