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Affordable Homeownership Opportunities

The Housing and Human Services Division of the City of Livermore works to maintain and expand housing opportunities for lower to moderate-income households throughout the City. Purchasing a home in the City of Livermore is a wonderful choice, as Livermore is a community that cares about maintaining the character of its neighborhoods and enhancing the quality of life of its citizens. 


Coming Soon  - Affordable Homeownership Opportunities

There will be a total of seven (7) 3 and 4 bedroom homes affordable to households earning up to 80% AMI and three (3) 3 and 4 bedroom affordable to households earning up to 120% AMI. You must have a minimum household size of three persons to be eligible. For information about the program see 'Inclusionary Housing Program' below.  If your interested about being notified of this and other upcoming opportunities and are not currently on the City's Housing Interest List, please sign up now.

Affordable Homeownership Opportunity for Veterans!  Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley in partnership with the City of Livermore has a homeownership opportunity available to low-income households with 3 or more persons. Preferences will be given to Veteran households and those who live and/or work in the City of Livermore. For more information please see the flyer

First Time Homebuyer Education and Counseling  ECHO Housing provides homebuyer counseling and education classes for residents and those seeking to purchase a home in the cities of Livermore and Pleasanton . Please see flyer for more information.

Inclusionary Housing Program

The City of Livermore’s Inclusionary Housing Program (also known as the Affordable Homeownership Program (AHP) and Below Market Rate Program (BMR) is an important part of the City’s overall affordable housing programs. Over the years, the Inclusionary Housing Program has provided residents with a valuable source of affordable ownership housing that would not have been achievable by other means.  There are several homes in Livermore that were built, under the City's Inclusionary Housing Program, to be affordable for very-low to moderate income first-time home buyers. These homes become available for purchase by eligible buyers when new developments are built or when existing homeowners decide to sell. These homes do have occupancy and resale restrictions, that restrict the way in which the buyer can resell the home. For more information about this program or other homeownership programs, please contact Hello Housing.  If you would like to be notified of affordable homeownership opportunities as they become available, please add your contact information to our Affordable Housing Interest List.

Program Information:

Loan Documents:


Current and upcoming Affordable Homeownership Opportunities:


Artero by KB Home - Application process is now closed.

Artero by KB Home 

Selection Process Updates:



(80% AMI)


(120% AMI)

Total BMR units



Units Reserved



Units Available



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UPDATE 1-8-16:

Hello Housing on behalf of the City received 204 applications for the eight affordable townhouses that will be available for purchase in the KB Home, Artero development located on Springtown Blvd.  Applications were grouped by the total number of community preference points for which they qualified.  On December 10, 2015 a drawing was held to determine a ranking order in which the applicants would be screened for eligibility. On January 7, 2016, a mandatory workshop was held for applicants with ranking order numbers 1-60. The workshop explained the program and the qualifying process. The deadline to submit a complete application for those applicants who attended the workshop, is January 28, 2016. In ranking order Hello Housing will review the full applications to determine program eligibility. Eligible applicants will then be forwarded to the lender for a full approval. If eight (8) qualified applicants are not identified within the first 60 applicants, the next group of applicants will be invited to attend a mandatory workshop. This process will continue until eight qualified applicants have identified. Periodic updates will be posted here. If you would like more information on this process please visit Hello Housing's website at:  http://www.hellohousing.org/artero/.

UPDATE 6-7-16:

Hello Housing emailed Applicants #1-204, who have not been disqualified, an opportunity to complete an application for the opportunity to purchase the final moderate-income townhome at Artero development. The deadline to reply to the email from Hello Housing if you are interested is 5:00 pm on June 9th.

If you have any questions regarding this development or selection process, please contact Hello Housing