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Information Handouts

The City of Livermore has created several different types of handouts to aid you in your project. Here you will find City Standard Details and Specifications, Code Interpretations, and Information Bulletins. Or search for Applications.

The following is an alphabetical list of information:

 Accessibility Checklist for Existing Buildings 
 Accessible Parking 
 Accessible Routes - Entrance and Exit Doors 
 Address Assignment Application 
 Administrative Citation Hearing Request 
 Agent Authorization Form - Requires Signed Owner Builder Declaration 
 Alternate for Materials, Design, Tests and Methods of Construction Request Form 
 Annexation and Prezoning 
 Annexation into the City of Livermore 
 Appeal Application 
 Arc Fault Circuits 
 Attic and Underfloor Access 
 Automatic Shut Off for HVAC 
 Banner Information 
 Banner Permit Application 
 Bathroom Remodel - Residential 
 Block Party Application 
 Block Party Application - Interactive 
 Block Party Barricade Diagram 
 Block Party FAQS 
 Block Party Tech Bulletin 50 
 CalGreen Residential Checklist 
 California Solar Permitting Guidebook 
 Certificate of Appropriateness Application 
 Certificate of Occupancy Request Checklist 
 City of Livermore Fire Sprinkler Guidelines 
 Clothes Dryer Vent 
 Code Adoption Dates 
 Commercial Industrial Project Submittal Requirements 
 Complaint Form for Neighborhood Preservation 
 Conditional Use Permit 
 Conductor Ampacity Ratings 
 Construction Permit Application General 
 Construction Permit Application Reroof 
 Construction Permits By Fax Package General 
 Construction Permits by Fax Package Reroof 
 Credit Card Payment Form 
 Declaration Page 
 Demolition Permit Application 
 Design Guidelines for Commercial Projects 
 Design Guidelines for Mixed Use Projects 
 Design Guidelines for Residential Projects 
 Design Review 
 Detached Structures Not More Than 120 Square Feet 
 Detectable Warnings at Hazardous Areas 
 Electrical Sizing Worksheet for Additions 
 Encroachment Permit Application 
 Entrance and Exit Doors Accessible Path of Travel 
 Environmental Assessment 
 Environmental Assessment Application 
 Environmental Assessment Form Application 
 Existing Construction Declaration 
 Fence Steel Post 
 Fence Wood Post and Foundation Details 
 Fire Sprinkler Design Professional Declaration 
 Fire Sprinklers in Trash Enclosures 
 Fire Sprinklers Residential 
 Fire Systems Application 
 Garage Sale Information 
 Gas Pipe Sizing 
 General Application 
 General Information for Building Code Design Criteria 
 General Plan Amendment 
 General Plan Amendment Application 
 Generator Requirements 
 Heritage Preservation 
 Historic Preservation Committe Application 
 Home Occupation Permit Application 
 Home Occupation Permit Application for Cottage Food Operation 
 Inspection General Information 
 Inspection Job Card 
 Inspection Requirements Commercial and Industrial 
 Inspection Rquirements - Residential 
 Kitchen and Bath Remodels 
 Kitchen Lighting 
 Large Family Day Care Application Zoning Use Permit
 Major Streets List 
 Metal Stud Submittal Requirements 
 Outdoor Dining and Display Packet 
 Overtime Inspection Request Form 
 Owner Builder Declaration 
 Parcel Map Waiver 
 Patio Cover and Enclosure - Pre-Manufactured Metal Submittal Requirements 
 Patio Cover and Enclosure Requirements Wood 
 Permit Cancellation Request 
 Permit Declaration Page 
 Permit Issuance Requirements 
 Photovoltaic 2013 Code Changes - Residential 
 Photovoltaic Expedited Checklist 
 Photovoltaic Solar Systems Residential 
 Photovoltaic Submittal Cover Pages 
 Plan Set Requirements for Planning Applications 
 Planned Development 
 Plans Reproduction Request Form 
 Plumbing Fixture Replacements SB 407 
 Plumbing Fixtures - Minimum for New Buildings 
 Portable Package Spa Submittal Requirements 
 Posting of Courtesy Notice 
 Protection of Pedestrians During Construction or Demolition 
 Racks Cases and Shelving 
 Recycled Water Permit Application 
 Report of Residential Building Record (City Report) 
 Reroof Cool Roof Requirements Residential 
 Reroof Inspections 
 Reroof Inspections - Built Up Roof 
 Reroof Using OSB Over Skipped 
 Reroofing Inspection Ladder Requirements 
 Residential Project Submittal Requirements 
 Revision and Deferred Submittal Application 
 Route of Travel to a Public Way 
 Secondary Dwelling Unit Request for Inspection of Primary Unit 
 Security Ordinance (Commercial Industrial Units) 
 Security Ordinance (Residential Units) 
 Shower Repair Inspections 
 Sideyard Structures Existing 
 Sign - Master Sign Program 
 Sign Approvals 
 Sign Permit - Permanent 
 Signs, Electrical 
 Signs: Temporary Real Estate Signs 
 Signs: Temporary Signs 
 Skylight Installation Requirements Residential 
 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms in a Residence 
 Solid Waste and Recycling Container Enclosures 
 Span Tables for Douglas Fir Larch 
 Special Event Electrical Request Form 
 Special Inspection Agency Joint Review Guidelines 
 Special Inspection Package 
 Stormwater Requirements Checklist 
 Street Banner Application 
 Suspension Systems for Acoustical Lay In Ceilings 
 Swimming Pool and Spa Barriers and Fences 
 Swimming Pool Deck Related to Glazing 
 Swimming Pool Removal Requirements 
 Swimming Pools Above Ground 
 Telecommunication Policy 
 Temporary Electric and Gas Connection Application 
 Temporary Sign Application 
 Tenant Information Form 
 Tentative Map Submittal Requirements 
 Tool Rental Deposit Form 
 Transferable Development Credits 
 Treated Wood Products 
 Truss Submittal Requirements Commercial/Industrial 
 Truss Submittal Requirements Residential Wood 
 Unreasonable Hardship Request Form 
 Wall Stud Cutting and Notching 
 Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance Supplemental Information Handout 
 Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve and Drain Termination 
 Water Heater Replacement 
 Water Piping Under Concrete Slab Foundations 
 Water Piping with Dissimilar Metals 
 Window Replacement Information