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Sunset Crossing/Catalina Crossing Projects

Sunset Crossing Project

Revised plans for the Sunset Crossing project at the northeast corner of Holmes Street and Concannon Boulevard were received on April 13, 2015. The revised plans are currently under review by City staff. The following table summarizes the changes made to the project:


Previous Plan
(dated August 13, 2013)

Current Plan
(dated April 13, 2015)

Townhouse Residences



Single Family Residences



Smallest Lot Size

5,226 sq.ft.

5,850 sq.ft.



19,600 sq.ft., 2-story building on a 2-acre parcel

Landscape Buffer Between Sunset Crossing and Sunset East existing homes


1.57 acres

(minimum depth of 50 feet)

Private Park Area

0.34 acre


 Other changes include:

1.    The revised plan eliminates the emergency vehicle access to London Way, but retains pedestrian access between the new subdivision and London Way.
2.    The revised plan changes the layout of internal streets and lots
3.    The revised plan shows additional landscaping and longer sound wall on Holmes Street
4.    The sound wall design has been changed to stone veneer
5.    The revised plan preserves more existing trees in the landscape buffer

The revised Sunset Crossing plans are available for public viewing at the Permit Center in City Hall, 1052 South Livermore Avenue, during business hours (Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.) The plans are also available for viewing at the Civic Center Library, 1188 South Livermore Avenue.

The City has prepared an Addendum to the certified Sunset Crossing/Catalina Crossing Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The Addendum has been prepared to determine whether the EIR for the project remains sufficient to address the potential impacts of the proposed Sunset Crossing Project, as modified. Links to the Addendum and supporting documents are below:

Addendum to the Environmental Impact Report for the Sunset Crossing Project
Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program for the Sunset Crossing Project Addendum
Appendix A: Updated Tree Report
Appendix B: Updated Environmental Noise Study and Addenda
Appendix C: Trip Generation Comparison Analysis and Traffic Signal Analysis

The Planning Commission public hearing for the project is scheduled for Tuesday, June 16, 2015, at 7:30 p.m., at the City Council Chambers, 3575 Pacific Avenue. The Planning Commission will receive public comments at the meeting and make a recommendation to the City Council. Written comments can also be submitted to the Planning Commission prior to the meeting. The City Council public hearing date has not been determined at this time. Notice of the City Council meeting date will be mailed to residents and property owners in the vicinity of the Sunset Crossing project site and others who requested to be on the mailing list.

Planning Commission June 16, 2015, Staff Report for Sunset Crossing

For additional information, please contact Scott Lee, Senior Planner, by phone at (925) 960-4473, or by email at

Catalina Crossing Project

The Catalina Crossing project involves the redevelopment of an office center at the southwest corner of Catalina Drive and Barcelona Street with 31 for-sale townhouse units. The City Council approved the Catalina Crossing project on July 14, 2014. With the approval of the Catalina Crossing project, the Council certified the environmental impact report for the Catalina Crossing and Sunset Crossing projects.

Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report
Public Scoping Meeting Minutes 11-13-13
Notice of Availability Sunset Draft EIR
Draft Environmental Impact Report Sunset - Catalina Crossings
Appendices for the Draft Environmental Impact Report -Table of Contents

Final Environmental Impact Report
Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program for the Final EIR
Catalina Crossing Planning Commission Staff Report
Sunset Crossing Planning Commission Staff Report