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Sunset Crossing/Catalina Crossing Environmental Review

The Planning Division is conducting an environmental review of the Sunset Crossing/Catalina Crossing projects. Documents related to the review will be posted on this page as they come available. 

Sunset Crossing and Catalina Crossing Projects
The Sunset Crossing project involves the proposed redevelopment of an office center at the northeast corner of Holmes Street and Concannon Boulevard for residential use. The project applicant, Sunset Development Company, is proposing to redesign this project and the City would like to receive public comment on redesign concepts for the project. The public is invited to give input on the redesign of the project.
The public workshop will be held on Thursday, September 4, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., at the Robert Livermore Community Center, 4444 East Avenue, in the Cresta Blanca Room North.For more information regarding the workshop, please contact Scott Lee, Senior Planner, City of Livermore, 1052 S. Livermore Ave.; Phone: (925) 960-4473; Email:
The Catalina Crossing project involves the redevelopment of an office center at the southwest corner of Catalina Drive and Barcelona Street with 31 for-sale townhouse units. The City Council approved the Catalina Crossing project on July 14, 2014. With the approval of the Catalina Crossing project, the Council certified the environmental impact report for the Catalina Crossing and Sunset Crossing projects.
Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report

Public Scoping Meeting Minutes 11-13-13

Notice of Availability Sunset Draft EIR

Draft Environmental Impact Report Sunset - Catalina Crossings

Appendices for the Draft Environmental Impact Report -Table of Contents

Final Environmental Impact Report

Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program for the Final EIR

Catalina Crossing Planning Commission Staff Report

Sunset Crossing Planning Commission Staff Report