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Climate Action Plan

In 2009, the Livermore City Council adopted a Climate Change Element of the Livermore General Plan - one of the first of its kind in California. As part of the Climate Change Element, the City prepared an inventory to identify its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This inventory serves as a baseline for projecting future emissions and evaluating and developing emission-reduction strategies, such as those included in the Climate Action Plan (CAP).

During 2010, the City began developing the Livermore CAP to outline ways to reduce the amount of GHGs produced within the City to a level 15 percent below 2008 conditions by 2020. The City Council adopted the CAP in November 2012.

Implementation of the CAP will also support the statewide effort, under the California Global Warming Solutions Act (Assembly Bill 32), to reduce GHG emissions in California to 1990 levels by 2020.
This effort is another way the City is working to improve the overall health of Livermore and contribute to the emission reduction goals of the State of California.

To learn more about Climate Change and greenhouse gas emissions visit the EPA's climate change website.

CAP Documents:

Climate Action Plan (pdf)
CAP Appendix A
CAP Appendix B
CAP Appendix C