Infrastructure Rehabilitation

The City Council identified infrastructure rehabilitation as a priority for the City of Livermore. In order to facilitate this priority, City staff compiled data, and developed a matrix outlining the needs and policy actions required for infrastructure rehabilitation, as part of the Public Infrastructure Asset Management Program. To view the staff report from the February 9, 2015 City Council meeting click here.

In the past two years, the City has embarked upon an asset management program for its enterprise funded activities and has been establishing policies to assure that user fees and maintenance and rehabilitation needs are coordinated. The goal of the program is to keep the infrastructure in a sound operating state. Solutions may include divesting ourselves of certain infrastructure, altering standards and supplementing funding sources, to avoid further escalating costs of major repairs or complete reconstruction required to restore the infrastructure’s integrity. To view the Infrastructure Rehabilitation Assessment document prepared by staff click here

Below are some examples of infrastructure in need of repair.

Decorative Wall


Curb and Gutter