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 Mortgage Assistance


Mortgage Assistance Program (MAP)

The City of Livermore's Mortgage Assistance Program (MAP) provides a second mortgage loan for first-time homebuyers who desire to live in the City of Livermore. The MAP provides mortgage and closing cost assistance for first-time homebuyers, who do not exceed the 120% AMI income limits. The City MAP maximum loan amount is $60,000, at 3% simple interest, amortized over 20 years.


CalHome Mortgage Assistance Program (CalHome)

The CalHome mortgage assistance program provides loans up to $60,000 for first-time home buyers earning up to 80% AMI. The loan is a deferred payment loan for 30 years, with a 3% interest rate. Funding is limited, please call Hello Housing at 415.481.3116 for availability.


BEGIN Mortgage Assistance Program (BEGIN)  

The BEGIN mortgage assistance program provides loans up to $30,000 for up first-time home buyers earning up to 120% AMI. The loan accrues 3% simple interest, annually, with deferred payments (no payments required) for 30 years. Funds are limited, please call Hello Housing at 415.481.3116 for funding availability.

What are the Program Requirements?

The program requirements are very similar to the Affordable Homeownership Program requirements (to view, click here). Click here for the MAP Program Guidelines. For the CalHome & BEGIN Program Guidelines, click here.


Income Limits

MAP Summary Brochure

Participating Lenders


Application Process

Applicants must submit a complete application to:

City of Livermore, c/o Hello Housing, 1242 Market Street, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94102, at least four weeks prior to their scheduled close of escrow. For more information visit www.hellohousing.org  or contact Zoe McGeary, Program Manager with Hello Housing at zoe@hellohousing.org, by phone at (415) 481-3116.



If you or your client are existing borrowers of one of the City of Livermore's mortgage assistance programs and are interested in refinancing the first mortgage, please contact Hello Housing for information. Hello Housing facilitate all Subordination requests for the City. They can be reached at Zoe@hellohousing.org . You may also review the Subordination Terms and Conditions.  




On November 8, 2016, voters approved Measure A1 bond designated for programs to expand affordable housing in Alameda County. Of Measure A1’s five programs, AC Boost is intended to assist middle-income working households to purchase homes and stay in (or return to) Alameda County. The target funding allocation for AC Boost is $50 million over the course of six years.

Alameda County’s Housing and Community Development Department (HCD) is implementing the programs and selected Hello Housing, a nonprofit housing organization, to be the Program Administrator.

AC Boost provides of up to $150,000 loans (depending of buyer income and need) that are intended to bring homeownership within reach of households who would otherwise not be able to afford to purchase a home in Alameda County. Loans are interest free and have no monthly payment during the time that a household owns their home. To learn more about this program and if you qualify visit www.acboost.org

General Flyer

Program Summary

AC BOOST for First Responders

AC BOOST for Educators


California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA)


Offers affordable First Mortgages, down payment and/or closing cost assistance. Visit their website by clicking here.

Mortgage Credit Certificate Program (MCC) - Alameda County

This program provides first-time homebuyers with a federal income tax credit which increases their ability to qualify for a mortgage. The amount of the tax credit is equal to 10% or 15% of the homebuyer’s annual mortgage interest paid. The credit is taken annually as a dollar-for-dollar credit against the homeowner's federal income tax liability. This program is administered through Alameda County Community Development Department. Click here for more information.

WISH & IDEA Programs

Down Payment Assistance – Both the WISH and IDEA programs provide a three-to-one match to down payment funds a homebuyer deposits toward purchase of a home, up to $15,000. The match is a forgivable loan. If the home is sold or refinanced the home before the end of a five-year “retention period,” a pro rata portion of the loan must be repaid; otherwise, at five years the loan is forgiven.

HUD's Section 8 Homeownership Voucher Program

Mortgage Assistance for Section 8 Voucher holders: If you are currently a participant in the Housing Choice Voucher program (Section 8) and receive rental assistance, your voucher may be used to assist with the purchase of a home. You may receive monthly assistance in meeting homeownership expenses. Please contact the Livermore Housing Authority (925) 447-3600 or visit their website at http://www.livermorehousingauthority.com