Permit Center

Permits Not Issued by the Permit Center

Although many permits are issued through the Permit Center, there are several that are issued by other City of Livermore Departments.

Permits Issued by the Livermore Pleasanton Fire Department

  • Fire Extinguisher Permit
  • Model Rocket Permit
  • Open Flame Permit (Outdoor Cooking)
  • Public Assembly Permit (Haunted House, Festival)
  • Tent, Canopy, Temporary Membrane Structure Permit
  • Underground Storage Removal

Permits Issued by the Police Department in Conjunction With the City of Livermore Business License Division

  • Animal Fancier and Exotic Animal Permit
  • Beer and Wine Permits 
  • Bingo
  • Card Room
  • Card Room Employee Work Permit
  • Dance Permits
  • Food Vehicle Permit
  • Limousine Permits 
  • Massage Establishment Permit
  • Massage Therapist Permit
  • Taxicab Driver Permit
  • Taxicab Company Permit
  • Vendor/ Solicitor Permit

Permits Issued by the Public Works Department Maintenance Division

  • Residential Tree Removal Permits not affiliated with a construction permit

Permits Issued by the Public Works Department Water Division

Permits Issued by Finace