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Project Manager for BART to Livermore
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The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) District is currently studying the extension of BART service to a new station within the I-580 median at Isabel Avenue. BART is also evaluating three alternatives, which may be implemented in place of a full BART extension. For more information on the alternatives, click on “BART to Livermore Extension Project” below.

Livermore residents have been clear that they want full BART service in the I-580 median with ample parking. The City of Livermore is championing this vision, advocating for a full BART extension to Isabel Avenue. Concurrently, the City is working with the Altamont Regional Rail Working Group to advance a BART connection to the Altamont Commuter Express (ACE) as part of a Phase II extension to the Greenville area. There is no downtown BART station location proposed.

The Phase I extension to Isabel Avenue will provide an improved transit option for commuters – linking people to jobs and improving quality of life. The long-term goal of providing a direct inter-regional transit connection is to reduce cars on the freeway – reducing congestion and air pollution.

Concurrent with the BART process, the City is preparing the Isabel Neighborhood Plan to guide development of the area surrounding the proposed station. The Isabel Neighborhood Plan will function as a "Specific Plan", which the City has successfully used to transform Downtown Livermore and South Livermore Valley to achieve community-driven goals. The planning process is addressing citywide goals for increasing housing choices, transportation options, and economic opportunities.

The City of Livermore is seeking community input in developing the Isabel Neighborhood Plan. Get involved today to make sure your voice is heard! Click on the link below to learn about opportunities.

UPDATE: In September 2016, the City Council directed staff to prepare the remaining details of the Neighborhood Plan, based on the Draft Preferred Plan, and an Environmental Impact Report for the Plan. Click on "Isabel Neighborhood Plan" below for more info.

Isabel Neighborhood Plan

BART to Livermore Extension Project

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