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Affordable Homeownership Opportunities

The Housing and Human Services Division of the City of Livermore works to maintain and expand housing opportunities for lower to moderate-income households throughout the City. Purchasing a home in the City of Livermore is a wonderful choice, as Livermore is a community that cares about maintaining the character of its neighborhoods and enhancing the quality of life of its citizens. 


Affordable Homeownership Program

The City of Livermore’s Affordable Homeownership Program (also known as the Below Market Rate (BMR) Program is an important part of the City’s overall affordable housing programs. Over the years, the Affordable Homeownership Program has provided residents with a valuable source of affordable ownership housing that would not have been achievable by other means.  There are several homes in Livermore that were built, under the City's Affordable Homeownership Program, to be affordable for very-low to moderate income first-time home buyers. These homes become available for purchase by eligible buyers when new developments are built or when existing homeowners decide to sell. These homes do have occupancy and resale restrictions, that require owner occupancy and restricts the way in which a buyer may re-sell the home. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION about this program or other homeownership programs, please contact Hello Housing

If you would like to be notified of affordable homeownership opportunities as they become available, please add your contact information to our Affordable Housing Interest List.

Program Information:

Loan Documents:


Are you the owner of a home under the City's below market rate program and interested in refinancing your first mortgage? Although you are not restricted as to which lender you choose to work with, but because of the complexity of the BMR program it's suggested you choose a Participating Lender that has successfully completed loan transactions utilizing the City's BMR program.  For a list of Participating Lenders, please click here. Once you have selected your lender, please provide them with the City's Subordination Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions, please contact Sarah with Hello Housing who facilitates the City's subordination requests. Sarah can be reached at sarah@hellohousing.org. or by phone at (415) 738-7833.

Affordable Homeownership Opportunities: 

The Vines


The Vines development by Ponderosa Homes is offering seven (7), 3 and 4-bedroom single-family homes,  located on the corner of East Avenue and Vasco Road. There will be one 4-bedroom home and one 3-bedroom home affordable to moderate-income (120% AMI) households and two 3-bedroom homes affordable to low-income (80% AMI) households under the 2017 application process which closed on January 13, 2017. The remaining homes in this development that become available for sale during 2018 will be offered through a future application process; tentatively schedule for early 2018. The Vines - Floor Plans 

Meridian Station

Meridian Station development by Nuvera Homes located on Gardella Plaza is offering three (3) affordable homes. These 3 and 4 bedroom townhomes will be sold to eligible 3+ person households earning up to 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI). The application period for this development closed on January 13, 2017.

Central Crossing

Central Crossing development by Signature Homes located on Central Avenue will be selling seven (7) homes under this program. These 4-bedroom single-family homes will be sold at an affordable price to eligible 4+ person households earning up to 120% AMI.

The application period closed on January 13, 2017 for all 3 and 4 bedroom affordable homes that become available for purchase during 2017. It's anticipated there will be 6-7 homes available during 2017. The  remaining homes in each of the developments will be offered through a future application process; tentatively scheduled for late 2017.  

Application Process for 2017

UPDATE FOR WEEK ENDING 4/21/2017:   Applications with Lottery Ranking Numbers 38 - 141 are currently under review.  

 Number of homes remaining  3-Bedroom Homes  4-Bedroom Homes
 Low Income (80% AMI) 2  1
 Moderate Income (120% AMI)  1  0

Hello Housing on behalf of the City held an application process for all 3 and 4 bedroom Affordable homes that will become available for purchase during 2017. A total of 445 pre-applications were received. A lottery style drawing was held in January to provide a ranking order in which the applications will be reviewed. Applicants with lottery ranking numbers 1-141 were invited to submit a complete application of those a total of 50 applications were received. This process will continue until eligible applicants have been identified for each of the available homes. If you have questions about the status of your application or future opportunities, please contact Sarah Duval, Program Manager with Hello Housing at (415) 967-7581.