2017 Meeting Calendar & Agendas

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2017 Meeting Calendar & Agendas

The City is publishing Agendas earlier, so there may be more than one active agenda.
lease select your desired meeting agenda from the calendared links listed below.

City Council Meeting Calendar - 2017
Date Type Agenda Summary Minutes Video
January 9 Regular Meeting Agenda Summary Minutes Video
  23 Regular  Agenda  Summary Minutes  Video
  26 Special Meeting  Agenda  Summary Minutes
February 9 Special Meeting  Agenda  Summary Minutes
  13 Regular Meeting   Agenda  Summary  Minutes  Video
  15 Workshop   Agenda  Summary  Minutes  
  27 Regular Meeting  Agenda  Summary  Minutes  Video
March 13 Regular Meeting    Agenda  Summary Minutes  Video

Special Meeting and Special Meeting Workshop

 Agenda  Summary  Minutes  
  27  Special and Regular Meeting  Agenda  Summary  Minutes  Video
April 10  Regular Meeting  Agenda  Summary Minutes  Video
  17 *Workshop        
  24  Regular Meeting  Agenda Summary Minutes  Video
May Regular Meeting   Agenda  Summary  Minutes  Video
  15 *Workshop   Agenda Summary  Minutes  
  22 Regular Meeting   Agenda  Summary  Minutes  Video
June 12 Regular Meeting  Agenda  Summary   Minutes  Video
  19 *Workshop        
  26 Regular Meeting  Agenda  Summary  Minutes   Video
July  10  Regular Meeting   Agenda  Summary  Minutes   Video
  17 *Workshop        
  24  Regular Meeting  Agenda  Summary  Minutes   Video
August 7 Special Meeting  Agenda  Summary  Minutes  Video
  14  Regular Meeting   Agenda      
September  11  Regular Meeting  Agenda  Summary  Minutes  Video
  18 *Workshop        
  25  Regular Meeting   Agenda  Summary  Minutes   Video
October  Regular Meeting  Agenda  Summary   Minutes  Video
  16  *Workshop        
  17   Special Meeting   Agenda  Summary   Minutes
  23  Regular Meeting   Agenda  Summary   Minutes  Video
November 13  Regular Meeting    Agenda  Summary    
  20  *Workshop        
  27  Regular Meeting      Agenda      
December  11  Regular Meeting         

*Workshop date meetings are tentative and will be scheduled only if there is sufficient business to warrant a meeting.