City Clerk

Commission for the Arts

Staff Liaison

Theresa De La Vega, 960-4049
Rebecca Cox, 960-4581


Civic Center Library - Board Room
1188 S. Livermore Avenue


4 year terms
9 members
All members shall have a demonstrated interest in the arts.


Vice Chair Chelle Clements, Sally Dunlop, Chair Charles Hartwig, Angela Johal, Monya Lane, Kathleen Streeter, Cher Wollard


Current:  Two vacancies on hold
Upcoming: None



Meeting Day

Fourth Tuesday, 4:30 p.m.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Commission for the Arts shall:

  • Encourage programs for the cultural enrichment of the City
  • Make recommendations to City Council regarding local cultural arts needs, activities, facilities and programs, including needs for visual and performing arts facilities
  • Receive input from the community on issues relevant to arts policies
  • Support the goals and priorities adopted by City Council

The City of Livermore and the Commission for the Arts developed and adopted a Cultural Arts Master Plan in June 2007. This Plan will help to guide the development of arts and cultural related activities throughout our community for the next 3-5 years. The ArtsALIVE webpage supports these goals.

Reports & Documents