Advisory Bodies

Advisory Bodies

Membership on one of the City's nine Advisory Bodies can be a satisfying and challenging experience. Volunteering provides an opportunity to learn about the operating policies and procedures of municipal government. It personifies citizen participation in policy determination and provides an opportunity to play a vital role in the communication process between citizens and elected representatives.  To learn more about the City's advisory bodies, browse the links to the left.

How to Apply for Advisory Bodies

Applications can be submitted to the City Clerk at any time.  Applicants are required to attend a meeting of the Advisory Body for which they plan to apply prior to submitting an application.  Members must reside within the Livermore city limits, with the exception of the Livermore Area Youth Advisory Commission (youth members must attend Livermore schools and are not required to be residents of the city). 

When a vacancy occurs, applicants will be contacted by the City Clerk's Office to arrange an interview with the City Council Subcommittee. Upon completion of the interview process, the City Council Subcommittee makes a recommendation at a regular meeting of the City Council for confirmation of the appointment and the new volunteer is administered the Oath of Office.

For more information on the application process, contact the City Clerk’s Office at (925) 960-4200. Applications may be downloaded from the links in the table below.

Advisory Body Application
 City Historian  Application (PDF)
 Commission for the Arts  Application (PDF)
 Planning Commission  Application (PDF) - New 12/6/18
 Youth Advisory Commission  Application (PDF)
 All other City advisory bodies  Application (PDF)

 Please note that some advisory body members are required to file a Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700), a public document disclosing certain business, property, and investment holdings which might conflict with the member's decisions.

Current City Advisory Body Volunteer Opportunities

Beautification Committee - 1 vacancy

Commission for the Arts - 2 vacancies

Livermore Housing Authority - 1 vacancy for tenant member, 62 years or older

Human Services Commission - 1 vacancy

Livermore Area Youth Advisory Commission - 2 vacancies for adult members