Historic Preservation Committee

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Historic Preservation Committee

Staff Liaison

Frank Guido, 960-4476

Location City Council Chambers
3575 Pacific Avenue
Membership Four year terms
Five members
Roster Jeff Kaskey (Chair), Shaine Klima Athey (Vice Chair), Barbara Savoy, Michelle Setchell, Jeff Williams

Current: None
Upcoming: One vacancy in 2018

Meetings Monthly: First Thursday at 7:00 p.m.
Meeting Day

Duties & Responsibilities

The purpose of the Commission is to recognize, protect and promote the retention and use of historic resources in the City. The Commission:

  1. Surveys and registers all historic resources and landmarks.
  2. Recommends to City Council action to preserve historic resources.
  3. Encourages public awareness of historic resources.
  4. Explores means of historic protection through governmental or private action.
  5. Coordinates activities with the Planning Commission so that historic needs are taken into consideration in the planning process.
  6. Offers preservation advice to historic resource owners.
  7. Promotes the historic element in the General Plan.
  8. Promotes the formation of private cultural historic groups.