City Clerk

Human Services Commission

Staff Liaison

Jean Prasher


Multi-Service Center, 3311 Pacific Avenue


4 year terms
9 members


Barbara Bianchi Kai, Diana Carey, Kymberli Grisham, Jennifer Porter, Sherry Ramirez, Chair Wendy Weathers


Current: Three vacancies
Upcoming: None.


Monthly, Second Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Day


Duties & Responsibilities

Advises City Council regarding:

  1. Expenditure of the City's annual Housing and Community Development Block Grant Funds.
  2. Community needs, consistent with Housing and Community Development and City policies and types of services, based on social conditions and human needs in the community.
  3. Tenant agencies and other organizations which might be allocated space at the Multi- Service Center.

Additionally, the Human Services Commission provides a forum for discussion of community social needs, monitors the expenditure of Housing and Community Development Funds, assists local agencies in procuring appropriate grants, and submits an annual report to City Council on the status of social conditions and progress toward achieving solutions to human needs.