City Clerk

Advisory Body Vacancies

Current and Upcoming Vacancies:

The City of Livermore is currently recruiting for the advisory bodies listed below; however, you may apply for any advisory body at any time, and your application will be held for a period of one year. Prior to being interviewed by the City Council Subcommittee for Advisory Bodies, applicants are required to attend at least one meeting of the Advisory Body applied for. 
Livermore Housing Authority (Tenant member 62 years of age or older) 
The purpose of the Authority is to administer and oversee the 125 low-income housing units at Leahy Square. Additionally, the Authority oversees the Section Eight Certificate Program and the Voucher Program for subsidized housing.

Livermore Area Youth Advisory Commission (youth and adult members)
Giving the youth a voice in Livermore, the Commission is committed to providing social and recreational opportunities for young people. The Commission also addresses responsibility for the health, safety, welfare and education of Livermore's youth.