City Clerk

Livermore Area Youth Advisory Commission

Staff Liaison

Moe Kline, 373-5717
Lynn Gardner, 371-4740


Robert Livermore Community Center
4444 East Avenue


2 year terms
18 members
15 youth members (ages 12 to 20)
3 adult non-voting members (age 21 and older)


Youth Members: Alejandra Arroyo, Siddarth Bokka (Secretary), Piper Cooke, Ellie Deuell, Amy Malocsay, Yesenia Medina, Bryanna O'Callaghan, Monique Quihuis, Collin Rodgers (Chair), Maggie Rosendin (Vice Chair), Ethan Shang, Malvika Singhal, Meenakshi Singhal, Cheryl Stanley, Shannon Yan

Adult Members: Ann Brown, Tambra Mola, Shabana Shariff


Current:  None.
Upcoming: Seven youth vacancies September 1, 2016; Two adult vacancies September 1, 2016



Meeting Day

First Monday; 7:00 p.m.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Youth Advisory Commission brings together youth and adult, private and public sectors of the community to address responsibility for the care, health, safety, welfare and education of Livermore's young people. The Commission promotes youth involvement in the Livermore community and communication between City leadership and the young people of the City. Creates a forum for ideas and concerns, and provides a vehicle for concerns and interests of youth to be communicated to City Council.

To download an application for the Youth Advisory Commission, click here.