Initiative Petitions and Local Ballot Measures

Initiative Petitions and Local Ballot Measures

Information regarding current and upcoming ballot measures, and local initiative petitions circulating for signature in Livermore, is available here. 

March 3, 2020 Special Municipal Election Ballot Measures
Ballot Measure Question:

Measure ___: “Shall Ordinance No. 2089, approving a development agreement for the Wine Country Hotel at the Bankhead Project (Development Agreement 19-001), be adopted?"

Ballot Measure Documents:
Full Text of Ordinance No. 2089
City Attorney's Impartial Analysis
Argument Supporting Ordinance No. 2089
Argument Opposing Ordinance No. 2089
Rebuttal Supporting Ordinance No. 2089
Rebuttal Opposing Ordinance No. 2089

November 3, 2020 General Municipal Election Ballot Measures
Ballot Measure Question:

Measure ___: "Shall the measure that changes regulations in the City of Livermore’s General Plan, Downtown Specific Plan, and Development Code to modify the locations where specific uses are permitted, including a park, science center, theater, and hotel, relocate Veterans Way, remove the hotel use adjacent to the Bankhead Theater, and increase residential density to 150 units/acre in downtown Livermore; and that amends regulations to allow housing at the Civic Center be adopted?"

Ballot Measure Documents:
Ballot Title and Summary
Full Text of Measure
City Attorney's Impartial Analysis
9212 Information Report
Argument Supporting Measure
Argument Opposing Measure
Rebuttal Supporting Measure
Rebuttal Opposing Measure

Withdrawal of Signature from Petition

In accordance with California Elections Code § 9602, a voter who has signed an initiative or referendum petition, and who subsequently wishes his or her name withdrawn, may do so by filing a written request for the withdrawal with the City Clerk (withdrawal form available here). The request shall be filed in the City Clerk’s Office prior to the date the petition is filed and must contain: 1) The title or description of the petition; 2) Name of voter (as registered); 3) Residence address of voter (as registered); and 4) Signature of voter.   

Ballot Measure Information - Past Elections

For information regarding past ballot measures, please contact the City Clerk's Office at (925) 960-4200 or