Mayor & City Council

Goals & Strategic Priorities 2012-2014

  • Encourage Business and Expand Revenue Base – Create jobs to increase the tax base by retaining existing businesses and recruiting new businesses.
  • Budget and Long-Term Financial Stability - Implement sound financial practices to sustain the long-term financial viability of the City.
  • Regional and Local Transportation – Improve the regional transportation system in order to decrease traffic congestion, reduce greenhouse gasses and increase mobility.
  • Community Engagement – Explore and expand public information tools to further strengthen community connections and engage residents.
  • Quality of Life – Provide programs and services that enhance the quality of life for Livermore residents.

The State Legislative Platform guides City officials and staff when monitoring legislative activities.  The City regularly monitors state legislative developments, bill introductions and revisions on items impacting Livermore's services and quality of life.  Click on the link to view the the current State Legislative Platform.