Livermore, Ca

Incubator Client

The i-GATE NEST program is all about building new technology companies.

NEST Incubator provides programs and services with the goal of developing young companies into financially viable businesses equipped with the tools for long-term survival and growth.  It also provides facility-based services, with lab and office space provided to new businesses that can reduce costs through shared equipment purchase and infrastructure, networking, and the use of common conference rooms.

An unusual element of the NEST incubator is that it is closely linked to a variety of research and development programs and state-of-the-art facilities at the two DOE national laboratories in Livermore, providing major advantages to companies wishing to avail themselves of cutting-edge research results and ready access to the skills of the researchers who use those facilities.

Qualifying companies

A startup company ready to apply for full admission to the NEST incubator program would typically meet these requirements:

  • Has at least a brief business plan
  • Technology company with intellectual property related to green transportation and/or clean-energy technologies
  • Strategic fit within the NEST program's technology categories (see list below)
  • Ability to pay a monthly program fee

Appropriate Technologies for the i-GATE NEST Program

Under the broad categories of green/sustainable transportation and clean-energy generation, the i-GATE NEST program can support a wide  range of companies, including:

  • Solar, Wind, Biomass, Biofuels, Geothermal, Tidal, Small Hydro, etc.
  • Electric Vehicles, Fuel Cells, Energy Storage
  • Solid-State Lighting (LEDs) and Energy Efficiency
  • Cybersecurity for Transportation and Energy Systems

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