Why Do Business in Livermore?

Unlimited Opportunities

  1. Livermore has been designated as a State of California innovation hub.
  2. The Livermore Valley received a State of California designation as an innovation hub in February 2010.  An innovation hub encourages public-private sector collaborations that promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic prosperity throughout the region.
  3. There are over 70 companies headquartered in Livermore that you can potentially partner or work with.  Check out Livermore's major businesses.
  4. There are opportunities to work with the City of Livermore too!
    Do you want to do business with the City of Livermore?  Check out RFPs and BIDs.
  5. The City wants your business here!  City-Wide Incentive Programs that encourage businesses to locate in Livermore are available.  Are you considering moving or starting a business that generates high-paying jobs or millions in sales?  You came to the right place.  Check out the City of Livermore's City-Wide Incentive Program.  The City also has a Business Promotions Program that supports and promotes businesses within the City of Livermore- Check out the Alameda County Small Local Emerging Business (SLEB Directory) and New Business List on the City Website.  Both of these programs are free for businesses to participate in and for residents to find information about.
  6. There are also opportunities to GO GREEN!
  7. There are opportunities for Artists as well!
  8. There are plenty of opportunities for growth.  Thinking of expanding your operation?  Hiring People?  We can help you with information on: