City Emergency Preparedness

City Emergency Preparedness

The Cities of Livermore and Pleasanton and the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department are committed to being prepared to respond effectively to emergencies and disasters that may occur in our communities. 

A comprehensive written plan is the foundation of preparedness.  Both cities have current Emergency Operations Plans.  These Plans were reviewed and approved by the City Councils in 2018.

City of Livermore Emergency Operations Plan

City of Pleasanton Emergency Operations Plan

The Cities of Livermore, Pleasanton and Dublin and the Dublin San Ramon Services District have collaborated to develop a hazard mitigation plan to reduce the risks from natural disasters.  This Plan complies with federal requirement for hazard mitigation planning

 Tri-Valley Local Hazard Mitigation Plan, Volume 1 - Planning Area Wide Elements

 Tri-Valley Local Hazard Mitigation Plan, Volume 1 - Planning Partner Annexes

Both cities have Emergency Operation Centers.  These centers are activated during significant emergencies or disasters.  They provide the structure and resources needed to coordinate a timely and effective response.