Fire Prevention Division

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Fire Prevention Division


It is the mission of the Fire Prevention Bureau to reduce the loss of life, health property and environmental quality through reducing the number of fires and hazardous materials incidents and determining the cause of those events that do occur.  It is our goal to provide excellent customer service to both these customer groups through effective, professional and timely implementation of our programs.

Fire Prevention Bureau uses several programs to achieve its mission and goals:

  • New Construction, Tenant Improvement Plan Check and Inspections
  • Annual Fire Inspections
  • Complaints
  • Weed Abatement
  • Fire and Incident Investigation
  • Used Oil Grant
  • Unfied Program for CUPA

The Fire Prevention Bureau recognized that we have two main sets of customers:

  • the public whose interests we safeguard through our programs, and
  • the contractors, architects, and business people who are working to complete projects