Emergency Response Plan

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Emergency Response Plan

Contingency Plan Instructions

HMBPs are required to include an Emergency Response Plan for use in the event of a release or threatened release of hazardous material. For hazardous waste generators, a Contingency Plans is required which will minimize hazards to human health or the environment from fires, explosions or any unplanned sudden or non-sudden release of hazardous wastes to the air, soil or water.

These two plans- the Emergency Response and Contingency Plans - can be combined into one document. Many businesses find it advantageous to do this because

  1. the HMBP Emergency Response Plan must address both wastes and non-wastes and
  2. the requirements for Emergency Response Plans and Contingency Plans are very similar.

The HMBP contains a "Fill in the Blank" type of form which meets the needs of both the Emergency Response Plan and Contingency Plan. This form may not be adequate for large businesses or businesses with relatively complex hazardous materials systems.