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Inspection Line

Construction Inspections

Construction related inspection requests are made through the Fire Department's Inspection Line. The phone number is 925-454-2307.

Inspections are scheduled 48 hours in advance only. You must call in by 4:00 PM two days before you need the inspection. Inspection requests received BEFORE 4:00 PM will be scheduled 48 hours from the date of the call. Inspection requests received AFTER 4:00 PM will be scheduled 72 hours from the date of the call

Please Note:  Overtime inspections are only scheduled on an as-needed basis call 925-454-2362 for more information

Hazardous Materials Inspections

The Inspection Request Line is not used to schedule hazardous materials inspections. Call the Hazardous Materials Inspector handling the project directly or call 925-454-2362 if you do not know who is assigned to the project.