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What to Do In Case of Fire

Fire Safety Steps

  1. If there is a fire, alert everyone in the house and get out using the escape plan you have created. If you must exit through smoke, crawl on your hands and knees toward your exit keeping your head 1 to 2 feet above the floor. Crawl low under the smoke because the air will be cleaner near the floor.
  2. When exiting your home, test any door before you open it. Kneel at the door, reach up ashigh as possible and touch the door, the knob and the crack between door and its frame with the back of your hand. If it feels warm, use another exit. If it feels cool, put your shoulder against the door and open it cautiously. Slam it shut if there are smoke or flames on the other side.
  3. During a fire, Do not stop for anything! Proceed directly to your family meeting location. Once you are out of the house, STAY OUT! Do not go back for animals. Call the Fire Department from a neighbor’s home.
  4. If you cannot get out, stay in a room with the door closed and open the window for ventilation and to signal firefighters. Hang a colorful sheet out of the windows, make noise or anything to attract attention. If there is a phone in the room, call the fire department and tell them where you are.
  5. If your clothing catches fire, STOP, DROP and ROLL.