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How do I sign up for or make an appointment for family counseling or other services at Horizons Family Counseling?

You will need to call Horizons at: 925-371-4747 to make an appointment.  The counselor-of-the-day will do an intake which takes about 10-20 minutes.  We will need information such as names, phone numbers, addresses, and the reason that your family is seeking help.  The counselor will also do an evaluation of level of risk.  An appointment will be scheduled as soon as schedules allow.

What other services does Horizons offer?

In addition to family counseling, which we offer in English and in Spanish, we have a counselor at Del Valle High School.  Twice a year, we offer the Parent Project┬«, a 12-week parenting series for parents with a strong-willed child.  The program in English begins in October of each year; in Spanish, it begins in March of each year.  We offer a group called Crossroads to Change for at-risk middle school girls at one of our middle schools and a two-week art program called Path to Picasso.  Budding artists (ages 13-17) may apply for this summer program, beginning in March of each year.  We have a training program for Master's level Trainees or MFT or MSW Interns, where we place counselors in each of the middle schools.  Call 925-371-4747 for more information.

How do I find out about local (or national) mental health services?

Call us at 925-371-4747 or check our website at www.cityoflivermore.net under Horizons Family Counseling/local and national resources.  We have an extensive list, with links, to other agencies that can be of help and support to you.

How do I sign up for the Parent Project?

Call 925-371-4747, our main number, to either sign up or be put on a waiting list for the next-offered program.  We welcome your calls.

Do you offer services in other languages?

We have two licensed counselors who speak Spanish.  Our case manager also speaks Spanish.

How do I make a donation?

Simply call 925-371-4747 to find out the best way to make a donation to Horizons Family Counseling.