Crossroads to Change

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Crossroads to Change


Utilizing the Phoenix Curriculum, an evidence-based program, Crossroads to Change is a 16 week course for at-risk middle school girls that helps improve decision making and conflict resolution skills, increases self-esteem, explores choices, and helps the girls strive for success through education.  Participants meet in a group setting each week after school on campus for an hour and a half.  The group addresses a variety of topics including teen dating, teen violence, gang participation, self-esteem, decision making, conflict resolution, self-defense, setting appropriate boundaries, and college/career planning.  For the final project, each participant writes an autobiography addressing personal future goals. At the conclusion of each program, a graduation/celebration ceremony is held, inviting families, school personnel, and law enforcement.

If you are interested in applying or would like to learn more about our Crossroads to Change program please call Horizons at (925) 371-4747.

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