Prison Outreach Program

Prison Outreach Program

  • Is your child displaying out of control behavior?
  • Is your child involved in drugs and/or alcohol?
  • Is your child in a gang or at-risk of joining?

    Horizons Family Counseling and the Livermore Police Department, in collaboration with San Quentin State Prison and Deuel Vocational Institute, present a powerful workshop that could get your child back on the right path and save their life.
    Horizons’ Prison Outreach Program takes you and your child into a prison and gives you a firsthand look at the harsh realities of life behind bars. You will be given a tour of the facilities where you are exposed to the overcrowded living conditions, observe the isolation that comes with prison life and witness the meaning of a completely controlled living environment. You will then meet and speak with prisoners who will tell their stories and whose ultimate goal is to make your child aware of what can and will happen if they choose to take the path of a criminal lifestyle.


    San Quentin State Prison (boys only ages 12-17)
    San Quentin Utilization of Inmate Resources Experiences and Studies (S.Q.U.I.R.E.S.) has been an established program at San Quentin State Prison since 1964. The program was created to positively influence young men in their decisions to not enter into a criminal lifestyle, and has been used by many organizations. 

    Deuel Vocational Institute (boys and girls ages 10-17)
    The DVI "Straight Life Program" was established as a way to help reduce juvenile crime and to assist community members in providing insight to at-risk youth about the dangers of a criminal lifestyle and the consequences that can come from making poor decisions.

    What is required?
    1. In addition to the prison visit we strongly encourage you to attend two (2) family therapy sessions at Horizons. One (1) before the prison visit to prepare and one (1) after the prison visit to discuss what you’ve seen.
    2. Each adult who visits the prison must pass a background check.

    Cost & When?
    The Prison Outreach Program is free and takes place twice each year.
    Our next prison visit is scheduled to be to San Quentin on December 8, 2018.  Application deadline is November 1.

    To register or to learn more about the program please call Horizons Family Counseling at (925) 371-4747